Lucifer Star Machine

Lucifer Star Machine
Lucifer Star Machine


Lucifer Star Machine know their game and stay true to their roots. They take their influences from what they deem as real music...Punk Rock, Hardcore, Rockabilly, Blues, Classic Rock...and mix it up to a violent, yet melodic brew that grabs your attention from the get go.

Like trailer trash poets they sing about love, death, their hatred of religion and the frustrations in every little man´s life.

These are five guys that have suffered and would die for their Rock´n´Roll. They are a reminder on days when music used to be dangerous. Finally a band you can believe in, a band with a no bullshit attitude and an arsenal of kick ass songs to back it up.

The London 5-piece has become a tight force by playing everywhere; from tiny water holes to big festival stages. Lucifer Star Machine have toured in over 10 countries, have worked with legends in the Punk Rock business and shared stages with many big names within the genre.

The heavily tattooed outfit has now recorded their 3rd album and by choosing producer Andy Brook (The Grit) they were finally able to catch the sound that resonates the thrill of their high energy live shows.

A band that might have been fueled by anger to begin with, but is now bound by friendship and their love to real Rock´n´Roll music, that doesn´t hold any punches.

The line-up has recently been completed by former Last Resort/Total Chaos drummer Txutxo Krueger and is now as follows…

Tor Abyss: Throat
Dave Malice: Guitars
Laughing Boy Fernandes: Guitars
Crusty Chlamydia: Bass
Txutxo Krueger: Drums

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