Paul Ansell

Paul Ansell


An exceptional voice and authentic figurehead

The exceptional singer Paul Ansell, front man of the Rock 'n' Roll band Number Nine, is a authentic figurehead of the genre. Together with his band, he is considered as one of the top acts of the scene, and his fan-crowd distributed over the globe grows and grows. As from now, Ansell is together with his band nearly two decades in the business, and has released eleven albums.
In his music are swinging numerously influences - in his career Ansell worked with many Rock 'n' Roll legends - especially with the guitarist of the “King of Rock 'n' Roll” Elvis, Scotty Moore – with whom he was on stage several times. But also other big names of their craft as Bob Moore, Reggie Young, David Briggs, Jerry Carrigan, Billy Swan, Mac Curtis, Jesse Young, Robert Gordon, Billy Lee Riley appreciate or rather appreciated the cooperation with the exceptional voice, Paul Ansell. His musical spectrum is unique – he is familiar with Rock 'n' Roll, with Blues as well as with Country Music. With his emotive voice Ansell arranges stylishly all his songs, which fit him perfectly. The master of diversity does not only work at the highest level as a performer but also as a songwriter. His selfcomposed songs exude a singular magic, which is unmistakable and overwhelming. When Ansell performs people remember automatically voices like Elvis and Charlie Rich, without miss the unique touch of Paul Ansell...

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